About Us

Salon Pasca is venue of true creative ambition. The vision of award winning and internationally recognized Master Stylists Natasha Latina and Ann Tasker; Salon Pasca houses seventeen unique creative minds ready to use their talents for client and community.

Welcome to Salon Pasca, Wilmington’s truly boutique salon: and the only full service Davines salon in Delaware. Our Salon is the vision of internationally recognized master stylists Natasha Latina and Ann Tasker. We provide fashion-forward current hairstyling in a sophisticated fun atmosphere.

At Salon Pasca, it’s all about your experience. Salon Pasca’s talented stylists will transform your look to enhance your best features, compliment your type of hair, and fit your lifestyle. Your stylist will take the time to explain how to re-create your new look on a daily basis and how to maintain the health of your hair using Davines products. Complete your Pasca experience in our newly-remodeled Boutique Spa, or browse our selection of unique jewelry and gifts before taking on your day as the new you! “

The Salon Pasca name reflects the importance of family and how their support played a key role in the creation of the salon. Owners Natasha Latina and Ann Tasker choose to name the salon after their children. The Name “saloN PASCA” is derived from the children’s initials.

I have been a client of Natasha’s for 25 years now. I have tried several other places in the area (all good) but keep coming back because Natasha is a 100 % committed professional and “artist” who has a vision as to how you personally will look your best
and the experience to get you there–and she will not quit until the picture of you in the mirror is the picture of your best self that she envisioned.

Further, aside from her skill and expertise as a hair stylist, she is an excellent business owner/manager–always maintaining the highest standard in her salon, her products, her associates and staff.

Finally, Natasha and everyone else at Pasca is always current on the newest and best way to achieve the desired result, because they work constantly at staying up-to-date in the profession.

I have never reviewed Pasca before–despite being thrilled with Natasha’s work for a quarter of a century and with Pasca Salon since its inception (at its original location)-so I figured it was long over due.
Over that span of time, and today, it deserves 5 out of 5 stars.

– Kate Pincus

Well… my experience was faboo as usual. Jade and Ann are great! But must tell you about reactions to my hair after my visit… EVERYONE told me how great my hair looked! Didn’t even think of it and people were saying “Wow. Your hair looks great.” One girlfriend just kept looking at me saying “OMG. I can’t believe it. You look so beautiful!!!” Hmmm… how do I look otherwise? Anyway, men folk noticed – “Your hair looks great.” Then another (they didn’t want to be left out). One after another. I know… the color is to dye for, the cut and style are great. But do I really do such a poor job on my own? Ann, I have 2 extra bedrooms.

— Sandy D.

Always next to perfect. Staff very cordial, helpful and attentive. For over 20 years I have never found any issues with the new, the former or before the former “Salon Pasca. Thank you for excellent service – I walk in looking like I should have been there 3 weeks ago, but the miracle happens inside your walls and I walk out knowing I will return ‘tomorrow’.

— Tiffany V.

Since I’ve been a customer at Salon Pasca, my hair has never looked better! I receive many compliments about it and some have even asked where I get it done, so there’s something great going on there! If that weren’t enough, everyone at Salon Pasca is very warm and friendly. They go out of their way to make you feel as though you are their most important customer. As soon as I walk into the Salon, I feel all of my tension leaving me because I know for the next couple of hours I am going to be pampered. It’s a wonderful feeling! My husband and my daughters love it there, also! I highly recommend Salon Pasca to everyone!
— Renee M.

I have been getting my haircut at Ferrari’s-Salon Pasca for 15+ years, and yesterday was a great reminder of why – fabulous service. I travel a good bit, so it seems like at least a quarter of my appointments are threatened, and require re-scheduling, or notice that I’ll be a little late. Yesterday was one of those days. I had a 5:30 appointment and was stuck in Blue Route afternoon traffic an hour away, and going nowhere fast. I knew I’d be at least 15 minutes late (best case), so called and I spoke with Paula, who was great. She told me that Deb’s 6:00 appointment had cancelled, so she moved me back, and everything was great. Except for the traffic, which continued to crawl, and every time I looked at the clock I began to think that somehow the 6:00 appointment was starting to be at risk as well. Well, I got through the Blue Route, proceeded down Route 1, which was also jammed and when I got to Kennett I could see that I’d be late for the 6:00, so I called again. Paula told me to relax – she’d move it to 6:15. For an hour I’d been stressed and she took that all way with her tone and understanding. I arrived at 6:15, and Deb greeted me with a smile and off we went on our haircut. Deb has cut my hair for close to ten years – she’s phenomenal, and 25 minutes later I was out the door and on my way home. It’s situations like these that are lasting – everyone understood the situation, and was supportive. Besides getting a great cut, that’s one reason I keep coming back – the staff at Pasca cares.

— Steve

I always have a great experience at Salon Pasca! Jamie at the front desk is always pleasant and Jena Muller does my hair and I am ALWAYS happy with the treatment and results I receive! She is very professional and my hair always looks great!! I always get tons of compliments on my hair, thanks to Jena!
— Sarah L.

I came there for the first time last night and had such a great experience. Jena was my stylist and I could not be happier with how my hair turned out!! Not only was she a great stylist but she also had the courtesy to give me a heads up that she was just getting over an illness. Jenna informed me that she was 3 days on her antibiotic and was no longer contagious but wanted to make me aware. As a mother of a baby, I really really appreciated Jena giving me that heads up. This was the first time I was with a stylist who actually took the time to “teach” me about my hair. I always thought I had “thin” hair and Jena explained that I have very “fine” hair and took the time to explain the difference. Your staff was very welcoming as soon as I came in the door. She took my coat and hung it up for me. I also thought it was great that you have a MAC Machine right in your establishment! I very rarely carry cash on me and always prefer to hand my stylists cash instead of putting the extra on my card. I will definitely be back in just a few months to see Jena again and have already been passing the word along about your salon.
— Theresa McN.

I just want you to know that I think Jena is AMAZING! She always does my hair EXACTLY the way I want it; she listens intently and she gets it right every time! Jena did my hair yesterday and again, I love it! I feel very fortunate to have a stylist like Jena. I do not like driving so far to see her, but the travel is worth it because her work is superb. Thank you for having such a wonderful person and stylist in your salon

— Michele.

My daughter-in-law, who is pregnant with her fourth child, recently experienced some pregnancy issues which threatened both her and the baby’s wellbeing and required that she be confined to bed rest. As a result, it was necessary for me to go to VA to help out. I had a hair appointment for mid-week but called last minute to see whether I could make my appointment earlier and thus be able to get to VA sooner. Despite the fact that this is the Christmas season and a very busy one for Salon Pasca, they permitted me to change my appointment to 8:00 am the beginning of the week so that I could get my hair done and have plenty of time to drive to VA and help out my family. I don’t know about others, but I can truthfully say that this good will gesture by the staff of Salon Pasca to accommodate my last minute schedule change was far and beyond what my experience with other salons has been. As a result, I was able to help my daughter-in-law rest, see that my three grandkids were taken care of and let my son continue to take care of his business without extra worry or stress, all while looking great hair-wise! The doctor has just given my daughter-in-law the good news that she can drive again and increase her activities to the point where I can get back home and get ready for Christmas with the rest of the family. Thanks, Ann and Jamie! Love you guys!

— Mary Jane R.

There are not enough words to describe how happy I am to have had such a positive experience at Pasca.  Natasha explained everything to me for a perfect first time match picking out my first wig going thru cancer treatment.Everyone is pleasant and professional!
– Suzanne

This is my second experience with Salon Pasca. I am extremely pleased I came to the salon. I absolutely love my color and my haircuts are amazing! You can tell, yourself, when you have a great cut, but when everywhere you go, you receive compliments…then you absolutely know! So, I am very thankful to Anne Tasker and Kelly (foils). Some salons are almost unwelcoming, due to their haughty staff/atmosphere. I have not felt this way at Salon Pasca. I love that, too, about the salon! Very welcoming and friendly! I never feel my services are rushed, either. That, too, is a huge plus!
— Liza P.